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The 8 signs you are Spiritually Awakening.

man looking towards galaxy

What does spiritual awakening mean? Everyone has their own definition of spiritual awakening. The result of a spiritual awakening will be the same for everyone and that is having more love, connection and compassion for yourself and the world around you.

A spiritual awakening does not always have to be complicated, it can be very simple. It's about learning to look at yourself and your situation more honestly. We are all born pure and essentially spiritual beings. Spiritual awakening is about learning to get closer to your true core. It is important to examine the lies you tell yourself and the values ​​imposed on you by society and your family. Are these my values? Why do I lie to myself? What do I stand for and what gives me satisfaction in life? By asking yourself questions and consciously working on them, you will find out more quickly who you actually are and what you stand for. How long this process takes varies for everyone, it usually takes several months to years.

A spiritual awakening is different for everyone, but there are a number of characteristics or signs that are common to many of us:

1. You become more appreciative of purer beings and energies, such as nature and animals.

As we get closer to our own core by learning to live in the present moment, we will more quickly feel the rushed and bad vibes of people and nature in busy cities. We all radiate energy (aura), as we get closer to ourselves we feel these energies more strongly. It sometimes even becomes difficult to distinguish our own energy from that of others. That is why nature increasingly feels like a real home, where there are mainly pure energies of animals and nature. We hear pleasant sounds, smell healthy air and are open to the green of the beautiful trees around us.

2. You learn to have more compassion for yourself.

By getting to know yourself better and living more according to what you stand for and what really gives you satisfaction, you will ultimately be able to develop more love for yourself. It is important to support ourselves in such a difficult period, this will make us open ourselves more. Actually, it is learning to listen to our inner child that we have hidden away for a long time.

3. A strange contrast arises, you feel freer, but also more lonely.

You increasingly realize that the people around you are mainly concerned with themselves and do not sincerely want to listen to you. On the other hand, you learn to accept yourself more, which means you experience more love for yourself. It can be a very difficult process when you realize that you are completely alone. We feel that we want to get to know ourselves, but realize that society does not allow this. We have learned that crying is not good, that we have to work hard, that talking about our true self is taboo and that being vulnerable often leads to pain. As you learn more about yourself, you will discover that you become more and more separated from the people around you and that you are no longer/in fact never on a level with society. You may be surrounded by family and other people, but you will feel lonely, because most people often only want to see a 'you' that they envision.

4. You become more sensitive to bad/toxic foods.

Through spiritual awakening, you are more likely to listen to your body's needs. You will notice that you skip the pizza or ready-made snack more often, and you will also realize that excessive drinking is no longer necessary. Your body can even become so sensitive to this that a fast food pizza makes you feel nauseous and experience cramps in your stomach. Ultimately, you will choose the healthier option more often and realize that this food strengthens your body. By eating healthier we have more energy in the day and we will be able to experience more joy. During an awakening you may suffer from food intolerances, as your body literally starts digesting traumas from your past. These intolerances often decrease over the months/years if we continue to listen to our body.

5. You are more likely to say hello to 'friends'/family.

When we awaken spiritually, we often realize that most of the friends/family we interact with are no longer on the same page with us. We try to look more honestly at ourselves and the world around us, but they often remain behind in their own dream world. We quickly notice that people mainly talk about superficial and unimportant matters. Since we do need to talk about this, we learn to realize that these people draw more energy than they give. Of course, this does not mean that you say goodbye to everyone, but it does mean that you make more conscious choices with whom you meet, for how long and whether it has added value.

6. You will become more interested in reading books that help you further on your spiritual path.

Your book choices will often be less entertaining and superficial. You will more often choose books that you can learn something from, as this will take you further on your spiritual path. You want to learn more about yourself, methods to help yourself such as yoga and mediation and nature.

7. You experience the energy of the moon more strongly and are more sensitive to it.

When we are more in touch with ourselves, we will be able to feel the energy of the moon better. During the full moon and new moon you may increasingly suffer from poor sleep, headaches, emotional outbursts, fatigue, palpitations and dizziness. Do not resist the symptoms that the moon brings, this will only make everything worse in the end. You often experience dreams around the cycles of the moon that have something to tell you or are predictive. If you learn to deal with the moon cycles, you can ultimately experience more energy.

8. You will receive signs from the universe more often and be open to this.

You see angel numbers passing by more and more often. The number 11:11 in particular should appear more often in your life. Other double numbers are also trying to tell you something. You can be more open to what the universe wants to tell you. For example, animals keep coming your way that you don't see often or they suddenly become common. Even these animals have something to tell you and their spiritual meaning can be found online. By listening to these signals, you will continue to progress on your spiritual path. You will also increasingly experience déjà vu's and feelings of synchronicity (several events seem to be connected, creating a positive or surprising outcome).


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