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Here you will find great books that will help you on your journey! To make it easy, I've put the books in order from early spiritual awakening to being far on your spiritual journey.

They are literally going to lift you up to achieve your goals and be the person you really are inside!

Book tip of the month September

What is Narcissism? In today's society, the word always seems to mean something different and we seem to find it normal as a swear word. Are you already a narcissist if you are selfish at times, where is the line? The truth is...

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 

Choose what you want to spend your energy and time on. It's important to only give f*cks to what really matters to you. This book shows in a nice and confrontational way how you can be more free in life. You hold the strings for a better life in your own hands.  

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Phase 1

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Atomic Habits

It's all about the method by which we direct our daily habits. This book offers a proven method that works great to finally change 'bad' habits and achieve goals.

So you can start now with your good habits!

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The Power of Now

Only when you live in the here and now, you will be able to truly experience inner peace, happiness and love. This book provides tools to experience the 'Now' directly. In this way we can free ourselves from our mind and be open to the world around us and most importantly find our true selves back.

The first phase is about gaining insight from the outer layer (more superficial) on your life. It's about the habits you have (which you are often not aware of) and the importance of being in the 'here and now'.

Phase 2

The second phase is about awareness. What have I experienced in the past? To what extent does this still play a role in my daily life? Do I embrace my inner child or do I push it away? Only when we become aware of this we can really start healing.

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Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Als je als kind fysiek niks ontbroken hebt, kun je nog steeds veiligheid of liefde gemist hebben. Dit boek maakt je bewust van de opvoeding die je gehad hebt en welke gevolgen hieraan kunnen vastzitten. Ze geeft inzicht in eenzaamheid, waarom ouders soms emotioneel niet voldoende kunnen geven en waarom pogingen tot een goed gesprek vaak op niks uitlopen. Uiteindelijk zul je je ware zelf meer terugvinden en een emotioneel gezonder leven kunnen leiden. 

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The Body Keeps the Score

The effect of trauma can be devastating for sufferers, but also for family and next genarations. This book offers a bold new paradigm for treatment. It's and alternative approach that heals brain, mind and body. 

Phase 3

Don't resist! It is important not to push away the traumas we have experienced and patterns we have learned, but to learn to embrace them. By doing this we will be able to heal and change more easily. Only when your inner child trusts you, you can take steps in life.

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Soul Journeying

With the help of meditation journeys you can heal yourself and others. According to him, the soul, like the heart, consists of 4 'chambers'. First chamber: the wound you tucked away. Second chamber: your limiting beliefs. Third chamber: you can find your confidence back. Fourth chamber: your souls mission. Eventually you will heal and remember the real reason you are here on earth!

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Radical Acceptance

Through personal stories, guided meditations and poems she knows how to get to the heart of a problem. This book has made me realize what true acceptance is. Acceptance opens doors in your life that bring you to your real self and learn to embrace and love it.

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Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns

If you keep making the same mistakes and your behavior shows persistent patterns. Then schema therapy can help you further. This book shows how patterns of behavior, thoughts and feelings have arisen and how you can break them!

Phase 4

Seeing the bigger picture. Because a lot has been learned, instead of thinking for ourselves, it is important to carefully review our values. Is this my opinion or is it formed by others? Is it true that the authorities always say facts? By becoming aware of this, we will find out true self back, who thinks for himself!

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The end of Your World

The title of the book may sound dark, but it's actually something very positive. It's about people's awakening from their familiar sense of who they think they are and what the world is. This book shows that we are not separate individuals, but all form a whole. Too often we let our ego take over our lives, this book changes that and above all enlightens!

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The Myth of Normal

This book makes shocking connections between the role of stress, trauma and the pressures of modern life on our physical and mental health. All disease is a natural reflection of living in an unhealthy society. According to Gabor, the key to recovery lies in connection, compassion and embracing our authenticity. In this book you can learn how to heal in a toxic society.

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When The Body Says No

It is very important to listen to our own body. If we don't do this, we will continuously cross our own boundaries and build up stress. This in turn has major consequences for our health. This book shows us the inseparable link between body and mind and the wisdom within ourselves to heal.

Phase 5

This stage goes beyond awareness, it's about feeling. Basically feeling who you are and what you stand for, without following any authority whatsoever. It shows the essence of life.

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Kundalini (Engels)

The Evolutionary Energy in Man

Kundalini refers to a coiled spiritual force located in the base of the spine. Once awakened (through meditation and yoga) the power rises upwards and finds expression in the form of spiritual knowledge and eventually enlightenment. This book offers valuable experiences of the writer and helps you find balance in life!

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Freedom from the known

This is the best book I've ever read. This book does not push you in any direction, but helps to speak your own truth. The only one who knows the answer to whether there is a God/truth/reality, for example, is you. Not some authority. Immaturity lies in the total ignoring of 'the self'. Understanding yourself is the beginning of wisdom. And what is 'yourself', the individual you? This book beautifully helps you to answer this question and many others. It shows the essence of life.

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Be as you are

In our day-to-day lives, we never seem to find ourselves enough. We need to look prettier, we need to perform better at work, and we need to be perfect parents too. Only when we understand this and no longer search (eg for validation), then the 'here and now' comes within our reach. We can then accept our true being without fighting against it. Through this book, you will get past searching and settle for your real self.

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