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What does it mean to live to your full potential?

What does it mean to live to your full potential?

Living to your full potential has a different meaning for everyone. In general, it is in line with what you find important, your values ​​and through which glasses you look at the world. To become aware of this, you will have to invest time and energy in your own personal and spiritual (mental) development. Only in this way will you find out what your desires and values ​​are and who you actually are.

The 2 main factors that you need to live your full potential:

Personal development

Personal development means that you are concerned with: What are my character traits? What am I good at? And how can I further improve these properties? So this is mainly about: What can I do as a person? And where do I want to go? As you read, this is all about the skills you have and how you can develop them further to become better at your job, for example. This is getting to know yourself on a more superficial level.

Spiritual (mental) development

In addition to these superficial questions, it is good to ask deeper questions about our core, we call that spiritual development. You will learn how to become more aware of the person you really are. Over the years we have been programmed in a certain way by our parents and society. Often we are not even aware of this, but our body lets us know, for example through ailments or a burnout, that we cannot continue like this. We still feel the pressure after decades to prove to our parents how successful we are in our work or to show the world that we are pretty enough. Our body will resist this at some point, we work overtime and stress ourselves out. We lose our spark and can no longer truly enjoy life. It is therefore very important to listen to deeper feelings and thoughts and not to put them away... This will allow you to live more from your own intuition and eventually experience more happiness.

Start with the core first, your heart:

Until a few years ago I exercised 5 to 6 times a week. I started this because I thought I was too fat. I even received comments from people around me that I had a belly and that it was not nice. Ultimately, I got so worked up about this that I thought, why don't I enter a bodybuilding competition? I was constantly working on my body, using every mirror I saw as a posing spot. As the competition got closer I was allowed to eat less and less, which often caused me to get into arguments and push everyone away. Because after all, I had to be the best and come first, otherwise my body would not be good enough. The thing is, I thought bodybuilding made me happy, but it only did so in the short term, when I got compliments from others. Actually, bodybuilding itself was a punishment: I worked out 6 times a week, was on a strict diet and did 140 kilos of deadlifts and 100 kilos of squats to build as much muscle mass as possible. My body told me to stop, but I couldn't, I thought I needed this attention. At a certain point I couldn't do it anymore and my relationship almost ended, then I took the plunge and decided to stop.

Even though I had a body that many were jealous of at the time, I was not living to my full potential and I was extremely unhappy. I have learned that listening to your body is very important. It is especially important to ask yourself what the feelings and thoughts want to tell you. Every time a feeling arises it wants to be heard, the longer you listen to it the feeling will disappear.

Your body and especially your heart are very important to listen to. Nowadays we seem to do everything from our mind. Feeling, what is that? Without your body and your heart you will destroy yourself more quickly and exceed your limits. So it is very important not to turn off your feelings. Does your body feel good? Do you feel what others and yourself need? Do you feel it when you are afraid of something or someone or do you ignore it and just move on? What is the reason that you do not dare to say “No”, what does your body want to tell you? And write this down so that you can start making connections and become more aware of it. It is important to find the balance between body and mind.

You live to your full potential when the things you do are in line with your true self. You then don't resist and set goals that you want to achieve.

5 tips

Here are five tips to help you on your path to a happier and more fulfilling life!


So in order to live to your full potential, you will have to invest some time and energy in your personal and spiritual (mental) development. Without really knowing yourself you will never be able to reach your full potential. So develop your talents and skills as well as the thoughts, feelings and situations that have made you who you are today. This way you can find out whether you suffer from blockages and what you can still learn or work on. Answer the questions and desires of your heart and develop your talents to a higher level, so that you can learn to live to your full potential!


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