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How do you manage Burnout and learn to live in a society full of stress?

Three TIPS to avoid burnout:

We live in a society where we are expected to be superheroes. So much is expected of us, from housework, grocery shopping, cooking, to taking our children to school, keeping up with friends/family and having a full-time job. Just put this all into one week, I'm already getting tired of writing down this list. It feels so normal to have to do all this, because after all, this is expected of everyone and that is how we were raised. In this article I describe how you can keep order in your chaos and limit stress as much as possible.

To manage Burnout is to listen to your own boundaries

The most important thing to manage a burnout is to continue to listen to our own boundaries. Not meeting up with that one friend or planning more time for ourselves could help us enormously. In terms of work it's difficult, you can't just not show up. But for activities that are not mandatory, it can help enormously to ask yourself whether you have energy for it or whether it would be better to take time for yourself. And yes, maybe in this society it sounds a bit elderly when you say to your girlfriend: sorry, but I need some rest and some time for myself. Ultimately, it is important to take time for yourself, so that you do not constantly run into a burnout.

What does burnout mean and what are it's causes?

With a burnout we literally exhaust our body. A burnout occurs due to very long-term exposure to excessive stress factors. Sometimes we have become so used to this that it all seems normal to work 40 hours and also party in weekends or plan are whole weekends full. In any case, I can tell you that this was not normal hundreds of years ago and our body has not changed so much that it can suddenly handle everything.

Various studies have shown that although healthcare is improving, human health is deteriorating sharply. The main reason given is the modern life we ​​now live in, scrolling through our phone before going to sleep, not exercising much, opting for that simple ready-made snack on the go and, above all, experiencing a lot of stress in both private and work areas. The importance of sleep is also very underestimated, watching a movie until 2 a.m. but having to get up again at half past seven. Ultimately, this will exhaust our body and we will no longer be able to function healthily.

How to learn to limit stress

Stress arises because you take on too much. One of the causes already described is not listening to yourself. But how do you learn to listen to yourself? It is important to become aware and set the intention that you will try to listen to yourself. By making your mind aware of this, you are more likely to learn to listen to yourself. For example, you can start by asking yourself how you feel several times a day. Do you feel exhausted? Do people draw your energy or do you get energy from them? Can you handle that outing this weekend or do you need some rest? This makes you more aware of what you actually need at the moment. It is also important to surround yourself with people who give you energy and to do activities and hobbies that give you energy.


Due to the current society we live in, it has become normal to walk all over ourselves. It is therefore important to learn to listen to ourselves and to indicate our boundaries. Plan more moments of rest during the day and choose more consciously what you want to spend your free time on. If we don't do this, we will build up burnout over the years due to constant excessive stress. Don't let yourself burn out!


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