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5 Yoga equipment must haves that are indispensable!

5 yoga materialen die onmisbaar zijn!

You've signed up for your first Yoga class, yeahhhh! But then consider that you don't have any stuff yet, what now?! How do you best prepare and what materials do you need? Don't worry, we've got your back! In this blog you can read which 5 Yoga materials are indispensable for your first Yoga class.

We see them all walking, the diehard yogis with their own yoga mat on their back, bag and yoga leggings on the way to their favorite yoga class. You have already received the first 2 yoga equipment must haves, which contribute greatly to the practice of yoga, namely: Yoga clothing and the Yoga mat.

Here you will find the 5 indispensable Yoga equipment must haves:

1. Yoga clothing

During yoga you want to ensure that you can move comfortably and are not restricted in the different postures (asanas). This can lower your concentration and feel very unpleasant. So it's important that you wear clothes that are not too loose, but not too tight and especially not with extra frills and things such as zippers or buttons. It can be super annoying to have your own sports top or shirt in your face with every Downward Dog, oops.

So when looking for or buying the right clothing, make sure that you can do certain movements effortlessly. A good test that I use with new clothing is to sit in a low squat or squatting position and feel whether this is comfortable. I personally use leggings and a tight top during yoga. At you can find a wide range of clothing that are perfect for any Yoga practice. This clothing is made of durable materials so it does not chafe and gives you the freedom of movement you need during practice!

Another little tip: Every yoga style is different, so make sure when choosing your clothing that you do not wear a thick sweater to a Hot Yoga session, for example. For most styles, basic yoga leggings and top are sufficient to be able to take your class as comfortably as possible ;).

2. Yoga mat (prefer anti-slip)

A Yoga mat is essential for Yoga, because without a mat you cannot practice yoga. It is your safe haven, your own island where you can do your thing. Yoga studios often offer a yoga mat, but from my own experience I found it more pleasant to have my own mat. Probably also because of hygiene, but given that the mat is used by several people, it didn't feel like I could fully open up to myself and therefore didn't have a safe haven to come home to during the practice. Opening up to yourself is especially necessary to really let the practice and philosophy of Yoga come to you.

An anti-slip yoga mat is a must have, as I often slipped off the mat at first, especially with more intense yoga styles, this is highly recommended. This anti-slip Yoga mat saved my yoga life! The mat is a bit more pricey, but definitely worth it as they last a very long time and are made of durable material!

3. Yoga bag

To be able to take all these materials with you to your first yoga class, it is of course useful to have a large and sturdy bag for this. It can be a hassle to fit it into your small backpack. They have found something about that at YoZenga, a Yoga bag that is stylish, large and can be used for multiple occasions! For class or the beach, this bag offers it all.

4. Meditation blanket for during Savasana

At the end of every Yoga class there is always a (short) Savasana. Savasana is Sanskrit for Corpse Pose. Don't be afraid, it won't actually kill you. It is a final posture for optimal relaxation in body and mind. A kind of short meditation in which you can feel what the Yoga class has done to you, both physically and mentally. You will lie still on your yoga mat for 5-10 minutes. This can get quite cold and distract you from what you want to focus on, namely how you feel. This Meditation or Yoga blanket can be the solution. You place this over yourself so that your body doesn't have to work as hard or even at all to maintain your body temperature. This allows you to focus undisturbed on how you experienced the lesson.

5. Yoga belt or block

While practicing the postures you may lack some flexibility, this is completely logical if this is your first time so don't think that you have to be super flexible first to be able to participate in Yoga. There are other solutions for this! A Yoga belt or Yoga block can offer the solution.

With a Yoga belt you can still perform the correct posture without unnecessary effort, because you hold the belt on both sides and place your foot or knee in the middle of the belt. This way you still get the tension on the muscles that you want to become more flexible and you don't have to bend over backwards.

With a Yoga block you can raise the floor so it will be easier to perform the exercise, this will ensure correct anatomical alignment of your body. In short: It raises the floor so that you adopt the correct posture. This prevents unnecessary tears or injuries and helps you to focus more on what the exercise does to you. The block can also provide extra stability and strength, for example by placing the block between your legs and applying pressure with your thighs. This also trains the muscles on the inside of your legs, pelvic floor and core. So a Win-Win!

Hopefully you have found our blog helpful in your preparation, good luck and have fun with your first lesson!

- Namasté -


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